Do you need to re-think your Health?

Overweight? Tired and sick all the time? 

On enough medication to kill a horse but never getting better?

Obesity worldwide has nearly TRIPPLED since 1975! 1 out of 3 will get cancer.. New studies suggest 1 out of 2 by 2020. Our Hospitals are full of disease more than ever before! People go there to get better but end up worse than when they came in? How can this be!? We have the most advanced hospitals filled with the most trained Doctors ever seen before! Yet.. We are sicker than ever!

Are we blind to this reality?

Does this look like a healthcare system should? 

 Websters dictionary states that health means: Not diseased, Fit, thriving, wholesome, beneficial and nutritious.. Does this describe people today? Is this what our hospitals are producing?

How about “Synthetic care”? Defined: being made by a chemical to IMITATE a natural product. Artificial, substitute, fake and simulated. A synthetic pill for every ill? Symptoms may go away for a short time but come back? A lifetime on medications and never getting better? Actually you may be getting worse? A second pill to fight the symptoms of the first pill? Simply put.. Symptom relief. NOT HEALING. Disease care?

We are getting more sick, more overweight and filled with disease more than ever before! In the last 50+ years we have made more than 7500 synthetic chemicals. Death rates from disease and adverse reactions to medications are now in the top 10 killers.. Despite Billions if not trillions being spent on research to try to find cures.

More than 2,216,000 hospitalized from Adverse Drug Reactions causing over 106,000 deaths annually!! 


We are being brainwashed because the truth is hidden from us and we are not educated about how to take care of our bodies. There is nowhere to turn but to our Doctor who then prescribes a pill to control our symptom. Not to heal it. See here: Misled and Misdiagnosed.

Before I give an example… I will explain. I am not upset at or against any Doctor. They have a very difficult job and save lives every day! We need to be thankful for the knowledge and treatment that we have today. However, Doctors are medical Doctors. They treat the symptom with medications. They do not get trained on nutrition. Therefore they usually cannot heal our chronic pain but simply make it somewhat bearable (for example). If you stop taking the medication your pain will be back to normal again. This is where we can and need to improve. We can heal. We need to heal. Permanently.

Here is an example of what I mean.. You begin to have frequent pain in joints all over your body… You go to the Doctor and he says you have Arthritis. Congratulations… You now have a condition for the rest of your life! And here, take this group of medications to maybe numb the pain… probably for the rest of your life. Sound familiar?

The Dr is always right and knows best. Who is to question him? Right?

NO. First, Doctors tend to use big terms that may intimidate you. Second, you know whatever the Doc says goes. Third, in your mind he is already in control before you walk in the room. All leading to a possible mis-diagnoses.. Diagnoses “to know”.. But all you know is that you have to be on a pill for the rest of your life and never get better. Probably worse as time goes on. If you really look at the term Arthritis it actually just means: “Arth” -joints and “Itis” – inflammation.

You have inflammation in your joints!”

“Oh! That’s not that bad!”

“How do I get rid of the inflammation DR?”

“You probably can’t really. Just take this pill to help with the pain.”

“Okay thanks Doc!”

Another option we are told about is having surgery.

Doctors tend to take out the affected part that you “don’t need” then it will all be fixed, rather than to say: “Stop eating this and eat this!” Well I am wrong actually… They do say; “Here, eat this pill.” Why is that organ there to begin with anyway..? What ends up happening is your body now has to try to make up for that organ. That sometimes is impossible to replace or hard to make up… You most likely will be deficient and end up with more symptoms. There are some exceptions but my point is that surgery is unnecessary most of the time and widely misused.

A pill for every ill?

We are put on pills that help control the symptoms but never heal or fix the problem! Usually you will need another pill to combat the symptoms of the first pill. Sound familiar? I see it all the time. A close family member had to go through this.

We don’t eat real food anymore… 

Ever since the industrial revolution food has been made to meet the ever-increasing demand and fast pace way of life. An opportunity arose. Our food began to be changed. Genetically Modified? (GMO’s) It is made to Look better – Taste better… Grow bigger – Better – Faster…  Our brains have become accustomed. We have become addicted. It is made more convenient for our busy lives. And to do this our food is changed… There are antibiotics to keep from disease caused by malnutrition and abuse. Harmful chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides to “protect” from insects. Not to even mention preservatives and any other chemicals like steroids and hormones. All to sell more! Quicker! All for money. These chemicals are harming our bodies!

You are what you eat. 

It starts with the soil where our food grows. It is already deficient in nutrients that it needs… plus it is being chemically sprayed. We may think its okay because it kills harmful bugs and diseases. However, it also kills everything good and in turn we are ingesting those chemicals._DSC0447

Our food travels all across the world. In all kinds of methods of transportation. Taking days or weeks before it ends up on our tables to eat. By the time we eat it’s almost expired, not to mention depleted of all nutritional value!

100 years ago most people had their own garden filled with food.

1901 – “Whats for super tonight?”

“Oh let’s go get some carrots and potatoes from the garden.”

2017 – Same question…

“We don’t really have time to make super… let’s go pick up some McDonald’s.”

Our bodies are starving!!

So what is happening?… We feed our bodies modified – chemical – processed – food (what we think is food), mainly because it is made more convenient, easy and appealing. However, we never get filled because inside our cells are not getting the nutrients that they need to function properly. So we aren’t full and we keep eating more and more junk. Meanwhile our bodies are getting more and more sick.

Our Health care today is commonly stated “disease care“. We are treating the disease. Treating the symptoms and not the cause! Our bodies are TOXIC AND DEFICIENT! Get rid of the Toxins and give your body the nutrients it needs to be efficient and heal!

What can we do to change this??

Get back to eating natural food. The food we were meant to eat!

When the body heals, it will heal everything! The body is one system, working together. If we get a cut on our hand… It heals. Why can’t it heal on the inside as well!? We need to get back to the Farm supporting our local farmers. The Garden. The Natural Way! Our bodies want to be healthy. We are not made to be sick. So Let’s Let Them Be Healthy!!

In this blog I want to help you and take you on a journey with me. A journey to be healthy again! To get back to what our bodies are meant to eat. When you do this you will never want to go back! Your body will begin to feel so good and not even want the junk! You will start to lose weight without even going to the gym. Your nails, hair, skin will all clear up! And possibly clear of medications! Symptoms gone! Cells/Organs Healed and working properly! Lots of energy to keep up with your kids and feel young again!

You will not believe how much you can be changed.

Re-think YOUR Health. Now.

a call to re-think your health




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