Could your diagnoses actually be a misdiagnoses??!

Take control of your health! We need to break away from the mentality that going to our Doctor is the only option. This is not the only answer. There are other options that can help as well. 

I truly believe that if we understand and improve on this critical stage of getting the diagnosis right, we can avoid a long unnecessary road of bad health and suffering that leads to deterioration. Let me explain…

When we begin to notice something is wrong in our body we say “not a big deal, I’ll go to my doctor and get a medication”… we do not know how to take care of our body and we know that the doctor does.

Do not take this the wrong way! As I have said before, infections and short-term/life-saving emergencies need to be taken to see a physician right away! I am talking about long-term care. Our lifestyle. These are your typical “quick fixes” and your everyday lifestyle habits. If we have a “pill for every ill” mindset, we will go down a long and painful road with no recovery. We need to be educated and to clear our heads from being brainwashed about disease and chronic conditions.

Where the misdiagnosis begins…

Typically this starts when we have a symptom and go to our doctors office. As I mentioned in my blog post re-think health. In our minds…

  • The Doctor knows best and has the answer to all our physical problems.
  • Even before we go in, we know that whatever the Doctor says goes and we will do it.

As you are sitting in a private room a nurse comes and checks your vital signs. He or she asks what is going on and what your symptoms are. They may write a few things down or put a few things in the computer. Then, the doctor would come in and do similar. In my own experience it was common to see my doctor even following questions and a treatment based on what the computer said. Finally he would sign a paper called a “prescription”.

For example: You go in because of constant pain in your hands and feet. The Doctor says you have Arthritis. Therefore, you need to take this pill to control the symptoms or relieve the pain. Whatever the case may be…

  • Rushed in and out. No real care for your problems. (most cases that I see)
  • Take this pill and on to the next patient.
  • They may use big (also frightening) medical terms that mislead you.
  • No control over your situation.
  • Often left with fear and doubt.

Diagnoses: To know. You only know that you need a pill now. For most people that may be what they need. Most likely they do not know what it will do to them and what actually is going on in there bodies. A lot of the people I deal with do not even know what pill they are taking and why they are taking it! “The Doctor put me on it so.. I take it”…

  • This can be misleading and actually a misdiagnosis.
  • It Creates a disease.
  • Often there is no proper analyses.
  • It is unfair to the patient.

As in the example above; Arthritis actually just means inflammation in the joints.. that’s not so bad? Let’s get the inflammation out and fix the deficiency that is causing it. Gone and Healed. Not controlled and covered up …You can do that?! Yes! 

We are left a victim and lead unknowingly into a life of deterioration. We may even feel relieved because we have a medication now. And we have no idea..

Not all doctors are like this I know. BUT it is NOT their fault!

  1. Doctors are trained to treat symptoms with medications.
  2. Not trained to come along side and be a health coach.
  3. Not trained on nutrition.
  4. The demand is so great that doctors cannot take the time to educate.

Therefore, health coaching can Add to the care given because this is lacking. Our society and the amount of sickness and disease show it. I see it often in the hospital. If we have such good medicine, technology and doctors, why are we so sick?

Does this sound familiar? Has that happened to you? Are you tired of no results? Not getting better? You wait months to see a specialist and when you get there he says: “Take this pill”.  What if your allergic to it or it causes more problems for you? (Which is very common) “well, there is nothing else we can do. Sorry.. Maybe we can try surgery if the medication doesn’t help…” Isn’t that organ there for a reason??

The diagnoses goes further…

Next we may find ourselves in a lab being hooked up to a machine or being scanned. Further tests to prove what our Doctor may already know. Or rushed to the conclusion that we need to have surgery and remove an organ.. I understand that scans and surgery are needed but they are often used to often and to quickly. This leaves us without valuable organs and exposed to too much radiation. Of course we may still live, but the effects will soon start to kill.

My point here is this… 

  1. From the beginning of our symptoms we are being misled and therefore, misdiagnosed. And possibly mistreated. We need to break out of the norm of our culture. This “pill for every ill” generation needs to change. It isn’t working. We are getting more sick and staying sick! Living very poor quality lives. Deaths from medications are rising more and more. This starts at the Doctors office. But its not all their fault…
  2. We need to be educated. When we get sick we do not know how to take care of ourselves so we turn too quickly to medications. However, if we have a bit of knowledge we can choose a natural safe plan that will give our bodies what it needs to heal and stay healed. Doctors may not have time to educate so we need someone who will.
  3. Knowledge puts the patient (YOU) in control of your health. We have all we need to live a healthy life. 

The process of healing is foremost understanding and insight on what is going on in the body. Then you can give it what it needs to enable the healing process. 

The answer, then, is this… 

We need a Holistic approach. The popular saying is ever true – you are what you eat and food needs to be your medicine – hypocrites. By that I mean it starts with…

  1. A lifestyle change. Getting a good balance of nutritious food in our bodies and get off the couch!
  2. Get lots and lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds etc.. Everything in its natural state and local as much as possible. Whole, raw food.
  3. Go see a nutritionist/naturopathic Doctor etc… Someone who can explain what is going on with your body and can spend time guiding you back to health, helping the root cause.

There can be answers to better health and a better quality of life! To start, let’s look at a foundational block below learning about our food today.

What has happened to our food? Could it be why we are so sick today? 

Question for you!

Have you been informed or educated about any diagnoses that you have been given? Do you feel like you have been running around in circles searching for answers? 

Comment and “like” below! I would love to hear from you! 



Published by Daniel Matthews

My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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