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My goal and purpose in writing is to help people regain their Health. Every day as a Paramedic I see people who are hurting… Physically and mentally. I noticed for the majority of people in our culture that are sick it is because of their lifestyle and what they put into their bodies.

I want to help. Many people are seeing that we desperately need change! We need to get back to a balanced lifestyle and eat food they way we are made to. For we have been given all we need to live a healthy life. God has created this earth full of natural ways to restore our health and wellness. When you give your body the proper fuel it will work the way it was designed to work! It is amazing to see the transformation!

We have moved away from a balanced lifestyle and need to be guided back. We’ve all been told we need to eat our fruits and veggies! But we need to be taught once again. We need to see the importance of it. It is simple. I want to guide you from my knowledge and experience and get you back to having a good healthy body!

My goal is not to discourage you from getting medical care when it is needed! I work in the health care system, I know how it works. I know it has strengths and weaknesses just like any thing! There are amazing doctors and health care professionals! Emergency medicine is incredible and saving lives everyday! You could be in pieces on the side of the highway and they could put you back together again! I am talking about the everyday sickness and disease. Long term care and treatment is out of control. We need to learn how to heal from these conditions not just cope with them. More and more people are realizing this and searching for answers. I want to help by giving you practical advice for everyday good nutritional living. To be able to prevent disease in the first place according to God’s will.

I hope that being guided through good nutrition that you regain your health and wellness! There is an answer! Thousands of people are being healed today and we can not keep this secret!

Follow the links below to learn practical ways how to start your journey to health today!

Start taking control.

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Published by Daniel Matthews

My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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