88 Years old and still living a vibrant life!

On this Episode I am excited to have with me, my Grandfather!

He is almost 90 Years Young! Healthier than myself and continues to live a full – vibrant life! He is also the one who first stressed the importance of good nutrition to me! It is because of his influence that I have developed such a passion to help my family and others to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle!

We will talk about…

  • How and when he came to realize the importance of good nutrition.
  • What he finds is different with our food and the way we live today compared to years ago.
  • Some things that he does to maintain good health from day to day.

As the interview progresses I am glad the conversation went the way it did. We may know what a healthy life consists of, BUT good health ultimately all depends on one thing. 

Tune in each week as I aim to help families RETHINK the way we EAT and LIVE today for a Healthy LIFESTYLE tomorrow!

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Footer notes

  • AIM was founded in 1982 not in the 70’s as mentioned.
  • AIM products help our cells to be healthy. They are not and are not to be used/stated as a “CURE” for any complaint or symptom.
  • Janet Pauly (mentioned in podcast) used a healthy diet and AIM products faithfully. She kept getting healthier to the surprise of her oncologist and was cancer free for 33 years after her diagnoses.