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  • Do you find yourself getting sick often?
  • Have an endless list of medications and not getting better?
  • Tired all the time?
  • Overweight?
  • Struggling with a chronic disease?

What I have learned has changed my family’s life and I can’t wait to share it with you! I am now so passionate about helping people regain their health!

As a paramedic I see that the majority of patients are sick because of how they treat their body ie: what they eat and how they choose to live.

But why do you get sick in the first place? Should we not put our resources towards promotion and education of good health for prevention in the first place?

Our culture is getting more sick. We have focused maybe too much on managing disease and not on prevention and promoting good health.

Does it seem like you are going in circles and not getting answers?

  • 1/2 Americans now has a chronic disease. 1/4 has multiple… 
  • Chronic disease is responsible for 7/10 deaths in the US. 
  • US spends 3.2 Trillion/Year on healthcare. 86% of that goes to Chronic illness.
  • 91% of all prescriptions filled are for chronic disease. 

As you can see, more than the majority of our care is going towards managing chronic disease. Keeping it at an acceptable level… Not always getting to the root problem and improving health.

Drugs and adverse drug reactions are now in the top 10 killers! Are surgeries and drugs being over used and becoming a staple and an expectation?

They are engraved in us as the cures. The only option. Are they? Or are they (in a lot of cases) just easing the symptoms temporarily and not curing the root problem? Do you then need more medications to fight the new symptoms those medications caused? Hence, you become more sick and need more medications or surgery.

This may be a shocker but please HOLD ON. Keep reading and hear me out!

Healthcare system

As a Paramedic, I have a good knowledge on how the body works. Things were not adding up to me. 

I knew something had to be wrong. Everybody knows we need to eat vegetables. But when you start to gain weight or have high blood pressure (for example) you look to get surgery, take a pill or start a diet. We look for a “quick fix”. 

For example: What happens when you go off the high blood pressure medication? Your Blood pressure goes up.

What about if you clean up your diet and start being more active?

We all know what to do. We have grown up in such a way that it’s just natural for us to go seek out a medication first, before thinking that what we eat and how we live is affecting us so much.

When you get a cut on your body, the body scars over and heals! Why can’t it heal on the inside as well?! 

I was 25 years old.

  • I began to be very tired all the time..
  • High blood pressure..
  • Diarrhea was common.
  • Gaining weight.
  • A healthy, athletic guy starting to see these symptoms?

This can’t be right. My grandfather at 86 years old is more active than me!? He takes no medications. Has tons of energy. Slim and fit…

1 out of 3 people are already on lifetime medications before 30 years old.

Long story short, my grandfather introduced me to the big controversial topic of…

Food as medicine

Chlorophyll Foods
  • Playing by the rules your body has laid out…
  • Using what God created to help give your cells what they need to be healthy, naturally.
  • Treating the body as a whole. Looking at the whole context of the individuals lifestyle and diet.
  • Holistic nutrition.
  • To be more simple –A raw, whole food diet. Getting back to what our bodies are meant to eat.

When you play by the rules then your cells can have what they need to maintain great health. However, today we are addicted to unhealthy lifestyles and unhealthy food. Leaving our cells toxic and deficient. This leaves us sick.

A whole new world open up to me.

I was so excited because everything started to make sense! I have real answers to the symptoms and diseases that I deal with every day! The majority (not all) of patients I have are sick because of their lifestyle. What they eat and what they do with their body.

And so my passion began. People need to be educated on how to live a healthy and nutritious life! We have been gradually brainwashed and addicted to food that is not really food at all!

  • Promotion
  • Education
  • Prevention

Are we really what we eat???

God made our bodies to eat food Naturally from this earth. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat etc… (Key word- natural/un-tampered with and not MAN-MADE)

If this is how we used to eat 100 years ago? And there is solid evidence in my grandfathers life and 1000’s others? And found in many different cultures around the world that point to this? I want in.

If people are finding healthy vibrant lives… Why isn’t this message everywhere? Answer – Good health does not make money.

Something needs to change and people are beginning to notice. 

So. How did I change?

I knew I couldn’t eat tons of vegetables so I bought a juicer and started juicing fresh organic vegetables and fruits! It actually tasted good! I began as much as I could to eat food in its natural state. Right from the garden as we say.

Cutting out processed, refined and synthetic foods. I began to “eat to live not live to eat”. I use to eat as much as I could because “a man eats a lot”… Right? Wrong. Now I eat enough to get by. To give me the strength I need.

Real. Raw. Food.

If I were to heal I needed to correct the deficiency and get the toxins out. Every illness leads back to this…

We are Toxic and Deficient. 

Doing this requires us to add in lots of vitamins and minerals. Nutrients that the body needs. We must clean out the toxins and correct the deficiency. Doing this can enable the body to heal itself.

Fix the root problem, not cover up the symptoms.

As I did this I began to get better! In just a week of juicing I noticed a big change!

  • My mind was so clear!
  • Gradually returned to my normal weight..
  • Lots of energy!
  • I did not “need” to nap all the time. 
  • My blood pressure normal..

Yes for me it may have been quick because I did not have a lot of problems and caught it early on. However, so many people around the world have been very sick for years and have improved greatly! Taken completely off their medications! Losing weight and even reversing chronic conditions!! The body is one system and when it heals it will heal everything.

“When the body heals, it heals. Everything!”Charlotte Gerson. 

Even more.. I didn’t crave the “chips and pop” anymore! Once my body received what it needed then a big switch happens. It doesn’t crave the junk, it craves the good! Your body gets what it has been crying out for all along! When you realize how good you can feel you won’t want to go back!

It is not hard to eat healthy now. It is not a list of eating what I don’t want to eat and not eating what I want to eat.. like most diets. My body just craved the good nutritious food!

Seek a balance

The past few years since I have been getting a good balance of nutrition. 80-90% good food and 5-10% junk (for example).. I eat so much good so I don’t have to worry about the bad.

The problem is most people are the opposite in our North American culture.. I have seen such a change and such evidence in my life and now in my children’s lives as well. I want others to know!

On it will be simple and easy to understand. No big terminology and explanations… For good nutrition can be made simple!

Practical ways that a family can stay healthy. So let’s keep it that way. Check out and Follow to learn more and hopefully receive more knowledge on how to become healthy again!

Do you have a story to better health!? I would love to hear from you!

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Re-think-health family

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