Podcast Interview with my 3 year-old daughter Evelyn!

Join me and my daughter Evelyn as we discuss what her favourite vegetable, smoothie and other foods are! Also, she reminds us of what is MOST important.

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What is in our food today?

On this Episode… Let’s take a step back, open up our mind and get a
NEW PERSPECTIVE to how and why we may be getting sick in the first place.

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Is your god your belly?

Do you lack self-control with food? Could this be the cause of your poor health? Read to find out how we can turn this around for our good.

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Can maintaining good health be attainable in life’s business?

Todays diet has left us Toxic and Deficient. What we put in our bodies needs to become a priority. We now have easy access to the most powerful foods on the earth and here is how…

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