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Is it possible to achieve a vibrant, healthy life?

Do you have health concerns that you’re worried about? Do you or someone you know struggle with a sickness or chronic condition?

Or maybe you have no diagnoses yet… But…

  • You struggle with symptoms that just won’t go away and it seems NO ONE has answers to? 
  • Going from Dr or Dr, medication to medication or this specialist to that specialist…? 

R u struggling to be healthy? Weight-gain? Chronic pain or other symptoms appearing or getting worse…?  Not getting answers?

There are answers. And like the person who showed me, I want to help you. 

You do not have to go far to find someone who has some kind of health concern. Even the number of sick children and young people today is rapidly increasing.

Often times things may look okay on the outside… They may be living, but not thriving. Just “coping” with symptoms. Clinging on to handfuls of life-time medications…

  • Going from specialist to specialist…
  • Lost in the cracks…
  • Struggling with weight and unable to be active without pain or shortness of breath.
  • Fatigue, headaches and often sick.
  • Depression, anxiety, pain, diabetes, heart disease, skin conditions, inflammation…
  • Diarrhea, constipation, Crohn’s, and many other bowel conditions…

These things are not normal and they are actually the body telling us that something is wrong! 

I want to tell you today that you can have a better quality of life! 

You must first have a change in mindset

In our culture today, wherever you are in the world (but especially in north America), we have a certain way of living and a certain way of doing healthcare. This has, in a sense, brainwashed us.

You do what you do because of the way you were raised and the environment around you. You do things the way you always have done them since you can remember. It’s what everyone around you does and it’s accepted as the “right way”. The NORMAL way.

However, is the way you live actually the normal way humans have lived throughout history? Is this how you are made to live?

Is what you eat and how you live actually good for your body? Could they be hindering better health?

I believe so.

We have accepted our symptoms as normal. We have accepted our treatments as normal. We have accepted the way we do health as normal.

However… It is far from normal.

So what is normal?

In this video below I will look to explain, what NORMAL actually is. I want to talk about this mindset change that needs to happen if you want to regain and maintain better health. “Take the blinders off“!

Your body wants to be healthy! It has GREAT ability to be healthy and stay healthy! It is up to us to give our cells what they need to do their job.

In this video I will talk about:

  • Stats and research on how prevalent disease is today. Proving why we need the blinders taken off. 
  • My story to re-thinking my health.
  • What you can do now going forward!

This is overwhelming proof that our current approach to healthcare is failing, and that the consequences are severe. But we don’t tend to see this as an emergency as we might if there were a bird flu or pandemic, we just see it as our life”. – Dr Chris Kresser

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