Welcome to re-think-health.com Podcast Channel!

In our culture today we live such a fast paced / busy life that we often go the easy way out and forget how to treat our bodies. Lets come back to the basics. It is still possible to live a healthy vibrant life!

This channel is dedicated to helping Families rethink the way they EAT and LIVE today for a healthy LIFESTYLE tomorrow.

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Each episode we will step back and look at what really is going on with things like:

  • The Food we eat…
  • The lifestyle we live…
  • The medications we take…
  • The diagnoses we live with…
  • The healthcare system we have.
  • The culture we live in…
  • Our cells, tissues, organs and organ systems…

How all these areas and many more impact our health tremendously with each day that is given to us. What we put into our bodies and how we treat them either HELP or HARM us.

We have been given all we need to live a healthy life! If we give our bodies what they are designed to be given then there can be healing and a much better quality of life!

  1. Let’s start with some some foundation blocks to shape our mindset on our health.
  2. Then begin adding in practical ways that a family can be healthy in this busy world we live in today. 


Tune in each week to listen!


Re-think-health Podcast INTRO.

Episode 1.  My Story.



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