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Barley grass

A powerful blend of Natural plant-sourced nutrients from Young Barley grass and Kelp that are a high source of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and more!

Herbal fiber supplement
Herbal fiber

This is a blend of plants and herbs that cleans, detoxifies and nourishes your digestive system. It promotes regular bowel movements. HIgh in fiber promoting good Gut and overall health.

Barley life extra supplement

An "all in one" nutrient supplement! Barley grass mixed with fruits and vegetables that give their added benefits.

About AIM

History of AIM

AIM was started in 1982 when the powerful effects of juiced young barley grass was discovered. Now it has grown almost 40 years later into an international health and wellness company! With over 30 wholesome high quality nutritional supplements that are making a difference in peoples lives world wide. 

The best quality

AIM believes in providing the best nutritional supplements possible. They go beyond organic certifications, ensuring high quality environment, soil and clean farming standards/methods are kept. Their products are tested to make sure harmful chemicals like pesticides are not present.                                                                      OTHER CERTIFICATIONS                                                  You will notice different certifications on different products such as: Non-GMO, Gluten free, Kosher, Vegan… 

AIM's Mission

Together with AIM members, AIM will continue to provide high quality wholesome/whole-food products to continue to improve peoples health and lives. And also give an opportunity for members to have a free business. 

member discounts

Sign up to receive member discounts and start earning an income for you and your family! For only 20$ a year (also  free membership options available), no extra fees or conditions! Order when you want and what you want! 


Located in Nampa, Idaho. Also offices and operations in several countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and The United Kingdom.

AIM & Re-think-health

Re-think-health is an affiliate with AIM. Our family has trusted AIM on to the 4th generation! After researching many supplement companies, none matched the quality of AIM. Seeing the testimonies of my family and many people around the world, I have chosen to continue to use and promote AIM at re-think-health. 

Gut Health

Flora Food supplement

Good bacteria that support the health of your digestion and your bowels. Flora food is live human strain bacteria that survives through stomach acid.


Fit'n fiber is a mix of plants that are full of prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics feed good bacteria (probiotics) helping them to multiply and cleanse the gut quickly. Great for reducing sugar cravings and maintaining a healthy weight.

Digestive enzymes

Your body needs enzymes to do many things. One is to support digestion. Without the proper amount of enzymes in your stomach, digestion problems may occur. PrepZymes aides in digestion, assimilation and utilization of nutrients from food.

Herbal fiber supplement
Herbal fiber

This is a blend of plants and herbs that cleans, detoxifies and nourishes your digestive system. It promotes regular bowel movements. HIgh in fiber promoting good Gut and overall health.

Whole body health

Redi beets. Beet powder
Raw beet powder

From over 83 residue-free beets that have been juiced and dried into a powder form. Beets are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to clean and nourish our blood. Also high in nitric-oxide that promotes better circulation and heart health.

Raw carrot powder

From over 130 large carrots that have been juiced and dried into a powder form. Filled with many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for maintaining healthy cells. Especially eyes and skin.

Propeas protein
Pea Protein

Natural protein powder from a plant source - peas. Alkalizing your cells, strengthening your muscles keeping you feeling full for longer. Also helping to manage weight.

Cacao + greens

This is a delicious chocolate (0 grams of sugar) powder made from the raw cacao bean and organic cocoa. Mixed with greens such as kale, arugula, Swiss chard, spinach, barley grass and broccoli. CoCoa leafgreens gives over 21mg of chlorophyll and all the powerful antioxidants and other nutrients in these green foods!

Essential oils cover

Essential oils

Essential oils have been given to us and used throughout human history for a natural way for cleansing, detoxifying and supporting better health. Re-think-health has tried many brands and chosen YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS. They have been shown to be the most beneficial and purest oils that are also a high quality - therapeutic grade. Follow the link on the above photo to get yours today! ​

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