Could there be a drink healthier than green tea?

Matcha green tea vs green tea

Tea and specifically green tea has benefited health and has been the most popular drink in the world through the ages. It has been around for 1000’s of years and used as a luxury drink, a therapeutic drink and a drink to help restore the body back to good health. 

What health benefits does green tea have and could there be a drink healthier than green tea for me?

This “infused vegetable” drink has a significantly powerful antioxidant and nutrient profile and it’s really something that everyone should be drinking to benefit your health!

However, now there is a drink gaining more popularity, matcha tea. Or matcha “green” tea. There are many types of green teas, so why has this one popped up? What is it and what is the difference? Could it be healthier than green tea?

Now do not get me wrong. Remember that one food does not equal great health. It is about eating a wide variety of healthy foods CONSISTENTLY and living a healthy active lifestyle

This article, among many others at simply promote things that you can do (like green tea) that benefit your health and that you should add into your daily diet!

  • What is green tea and matcha tea?
  • Is matcha tea more healthy for me than green tea? 
  • The TOP 5 Health Benefits of green tea and matcha tea.
Green tea

Green tea

Green tea is from the plant family camellia sinensis. Used for many years throughout Asian history. The leaf is taken from the plant and soaked or steeped in water allowing its benefits to saturate your body while you drink it. 

The ORAC (antioxidant content or value) of green tea is 1253 vs black tea at 1128. It has many antiviral, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and immune stimulating effects. Polyphenol antioxidants make up 30% and the enzymes and aminos make up 20% of the leaf’s weight. 

Matcha tea

Matcha tea comes from the green tea leaf. The only difference is how it is prepared.

Unlike green tea, to make matcha, the green tea leaves are first shaded for up to 2 weeks while the leaf becomes a darker green. This allows the nutrient and chlorophyll and amino concentration in them to increase.

Then, instead of taking pieces of the leaf for tea, the darkened leaf is finely ground into a powder. This practice dates back a long while in Asian culture as well but has just recently gained popularity.

So it has a lot of the same effects but when you drink matcha green tea, you are drinking the WHOLE LEAF. Not just pieces as in green tea. One would assume that it would therefore be more powerful. And it is. 

How do you make powdered tea? I’ll show you later on in the article. 

Which is better for you? 

Well both have incredible health benefits, I believe the reason matcha tea is so popular is not that it tastes better (because it doesn’t…) but that it is actually better for you! 

3 Cups of green tea IS EQUAL to 1 cup of matcha!! 

Research shows that because of its concentration of nutrients, it has 3x the amount of antioxidants than green tea! 

And it’s high and powerful lineup of antioxidants is what makes this green leaf so potent for your better health. 

Top 5 stunning health benefits of matcha & green tea. 

Matcha green tea

1. Probably the most stunning of all the health benefits in green and matcha tea is its ANTIOXIDANT levels. 

The green tea leaf is abundant in antioxidants from the Flavonoid family named Catechins. There are over 4000 discovered flavonoids.

Antioxidants are very important as they help protect our cells from “free radicals” coming in and harming your cells. They can be anything from toxins, metals, smoking, medications and pathogens etc… 

Antioxidants help neutralize the invaders and fight the inflammation that comes. They repair cells and even help keep your arteries in great shape!

One thing that causes such high levels of antioxidants in matcha compared to green tea is the amount of chlorophyll it has in it. Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives plants its rich green colour. It is so rich in nutrients and helps the body detoxify. For more on chlorophylls powerful benefits see here

Matcha tea has 137 times the amount of antioxidants compared to other teas!

So add some green tea or especially matcha green tea to your diet to boost your immune system protecting your cells! 

2. Green tea benefits your health by reducing heart disease. 

Heart disease is the biggest cause of death worldwide and ⅓ deaths in people over age 35.

It is very interesting that green tea has the same effects on your cardiovascular system as synthetic drugs that someone might take for anything from high blood pressure, cholesterol, ischemic heart issues to heart disease… 

Isn’t that a bad thing?? NO! Green tea is a natural way to help with these conditions! And it will support the cell and fight inflammation so that the root cause is dealt with. Not just relieving symptoms. 

How so? 

  • Green tea contains 10 Beta-blocking compounds helping decrease high blood pressure
  • 7 Calcium channel blockers
  • 16 Diuretic compounds 
  • ACE inhibiting properties (more than any other plant food) 

People who drink green tea consistently have a 31% decrease in the risk of heart disease! And what’s more is that it also decreases your bad LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure

So add some green or matcha green tea into your diet to help your heart, veins and arteries! 

3. Green tea benefits your health by increasing alertness, concentration and overall brain health! 

First of all, the group of antioxidants called catechins (as we talked about above) do a great job at reducing the levels of damaged cells within the brain.

What’s more, is that they also help to block plaque from forming in your vessels improving circulation and reducing stress. This may decrease the chances of: 

  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimers 
  • Parkinsons 
  • And others… 

Green and Matcha teas also help you concentrate, improve mood and alertness because of the amount of caffeine they have. They do not have the high amounts of caffeine as coffee does, but they do have the amino acid L’theanine! …

Why is L’theanine important? Let me explain.

With coffee you may get highs and lows… Or be shaky and then drowsy… In a way you have ups and downs because of the high amounts of uncontrolled caffeine. 

L’theanine helps control the caffeine effects. It causes serotonin and dopamine to be released in the brain and these will help you feel more relaxed without the jitters that sometimes come from caffeine.

Drinking green or matcha green tea will benefit the health of your brain and give you the effects of caffeine but without the side effects!

4. Green and matcha green tea benefit your health helping with weight loss and cancer. 

Again, only implementing one thing like green tea is not going to do the job alone. There is no healthy quick fix to weight loss. However, adding in these powerful drinks and foods can help you significantly along your journey to a healthier body and lifestyle. 

For starters, drinking green tea with all its antioxidants and nutrients, will definitely be able to help your cells be healthy and therefore increase your metabolism.

Although more research always needs to be done, research seems to point more and more to green tea decreasing belly fat and helping your body composition.

The university of Birmingham sports and exercise sciences study concluded that there was a 17% increase in fat cells being oxidized (broken down) when people drank green tea before exercising.

Does green tea have health benefits for cancer? 

Some research shows that tumour sizes decreased after drinking green tea. 

Again, the catechins in green tea are said to have anti-cancer and anti-carcinogenic properties that would possibly help in prevention and decreasing cancer.

Other research:

It is encouraging to see these numbers, but keep in mind that the body is one system. When the root problem is improved the whole body will improve.

When your cells (building blocks of your body) are healthy, your whole body will be healthy and be able to fight off whatever invader comes.

That leads us on to the final point… 

Matcha green tea and matcha powder

5. Drinking matcha and green tea benefits your health by strengthening your immune system. 

These teas are packed full of nutrients! Vitamins and minerals like… 

  • Vitamins A,B,C,D… 
  • Minerals like manganese, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium… 

The nutrients in green tea also supports our T Cells. These cells are a big part of the first line of defence for your immune system, making its response quick against pathogens.

Altogether the antioxidants, enzymes, aminos, vitamins and minerals in matcha and green tea support the health of your cells. Cells make up your tissues, which make up your organs, which make up your organ systems and your whole body!

What a great advantage and boost to your body you will have if you will adopt this habit of simply consistently drinking matcha or green tea! 

How to make matcha tea

  1. Boil water.
  2. Put a spoon full of matcha powder in your mug.
  3. Get the powder wet with the boiled water. Just enough so that you can mix it with no chunks. Mix with a wisp or spoon.
  4. Once it is stirred enough, then continue to fill your cup with the boiled water.
  5. Enjoy! It can be bitter so add some honey or essential oils.

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Do you like to drink green tea? How have you noticed it has helped you? Are there any brands that you like?

I personally drink either green tea or matcha tea almost every day and I do notice it helps me a lot. Especially with a clear mind and more energy. With matcha being a powder, you can put it in smoothies or different recipes!

Here are a few links to get your own Green tea and Matcha green tea! 

* is an affiliate with goldmatcha and may receive a small commission upon purchases with links in this article. Thanks for your support!

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My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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